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John Muir Park Endowment Fund

The legacy of John Muir is needed today more than ever. As founder of the Sierra Club and father of the National Park Service, John Muir reminds and provides each of us a personal connection to nature. Muir showed us the need to preserve and protect the natural world we rely on and that nourishes us. His great gift was to help us better appreciate and understand our place in the world.

John Muir Memorial County Park commemorates the location of Muir’s first home in Wisconsin. The Park remains in its natural state where you can experience the land much as Muir did. You may almost sense Muir’s presence as he wandered the woods and prairies by Fountain Lake (now Lake Ennis) and absorbed their glad tidings. The 80-acre Muir Fountain Lake Farm was designated a National Park Service National Historic Landmark in 1990.  It is also a State Natural Area.

John Muir’s Wisconsin History
John Muir was born in Dunbar, Scotland in 1838, but in 1849, the family immigrated to what is now John Muir County Park. Muir explored and enjoyed many areas in Marquette County that he wrote about. It was here that he formed his love for and connection to nature. Wilderness was Muir’s greatest teacher, and the Muir Park area was often the object of his exploration and wonder.

Muir moved to California in 1868, but his wanderlust to explore and learn from his “University of the Wilderness” continued to take him on many other journeys.

Wisconsin Friends of John Muir
Our mission is “Dedicated to preserving the spirit and legacy of John Muir, the landscapes of his boyhood, and the park that is dedicated in his honor”. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, and all donations are tax deductible.

The purposes of our organization are:

  • Education

  • Management

  • Acquisition

  • Research


The Endowment Fund
The John Muir Park Endowment Fund will protect Muir Park and continue Muir’s legacy. The Fund will be used to manage and restore the Park lands, provide information about Muir and the Park, and promote his legacy in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Friends of John Muir will manage the Endowment Fund and work with other partners on its use.

The goal is to raise $50,000 and only use the interest. No interest will be spent until the fund reaches $25,000.

This is your opportunity to maintain Muir’s heritage in Wisconsin, and preserve his legacy and teachings. Your gift today also gives to future generations, so please give generously. Donations are tax deductible. To consider John Muir Park in your estate planning or for other questions, contact

$50 - Prairie Protector

$100 - Nature Seeker

$250 - Park Preserver

$500 - Wilderness Explorer

$1000 - Glad Tidings Provider

$????? - Follow Your Own Path

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